Saturday, January 22, 2011

And the test results are in!

Bringing the New Year in with a Beta Draft of Remember the Alamok, a few special folks are getting copies of the manuscript to read. It is terribly exciting when someone who has had no involvement or prior exposure to the project gets to read it! Will they like it or not????

And just as the suspense was about to kill us...

Beta Readers 1 and 2 have reported back. Not only did they make it all the way through the book (without encouragement or pestering, I might add...), they liked it! In fact, I heard those words that and author longs to hear..."When do I get to read the next one?"

So, spirits buoyed by the positive response, RTA is one very big step closer to that ever elusive Final Draft!

And just to show what a nice person I am, in celebration, here is an excerpt...

"Axel took a deep breath and tried unsuccessfully to convince herself that the man in front of her would not look better with her dagger embedded in his eye. The thin stiletto she'd taken off a man from Goren last year, which was strapped to the underside of her left wrist, seemed like a good choice. It would just fit through the socket far enough to scrape the back of the man's skull from the inside. The fingers of her left hand twitched a bit, but she restrained herself in the interest of doing her job. Business before pleasure. Still not convinced that the inside of his head didn't need a good scratching, Axel decided that waiting until after she was done in Veltan would be acceptable."



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