Novel Projects

Remember the Alamok (Fantasy)
See the website here:
Status: Complete, always revising, looking for representation/publication
Axel's simple, cruel, and violent world is thrown into chaos when she is reunited with her brother.  He does what no one else could by touching her cold heart and bringing out emotions that she is unfamiliar with.  She has never met a challenge that she could not defeat, but earning her brother's trust will take more than a strong arm and a sharp sword.

Ajax has lived in a secluded monastery since he was a small boy.  He knows little else, yet he yearns for a more exciting life.  Forced to choose between life as a monk or freedom, he runs.  Directly into his sister, Axel, who he long thought dead and gone.  

As they journey, encountering pirates, monks, bureaucrats, dragons, and Axel's past, Ajax's gentle nature is tested as he experiences the true depth of Axel's darkness and discovers his own soul's secrets.

Return of the Alamok (Fantasy)
Website: See Remember the Alamok
Status: In-Progress
Description:  Continuing story of Axel and Ajax.

Tough Target (Suspense, Adventure, Thriller)
Status: In-progress, about halfway done
Less than 24 hours after Cass Elkins gets kidnapped by Russian slave traders,the young college student is back home in the sandhills of rural New Mexico and the Russians who caught her are either in prison or dead. 

One year later, Cass has graduated from college and retreated to the ranch, but her deadly action from the year before hasn't gone unnoticed. When a  man knocks on her door on night, she decides not to immediately shoot the trespasser who brings a mysterious recruitment proposal.

Intrigued by the offer, Cass re-enters the world and is thrust back into trouble and danger...and she likes it. 

Her first assignment is to break up another kidnapping ring.  As she pursues the parties responsible, another, far broader plot is uncovered and Cass must stop it before millions die.

Wanted: Undead or Alive (Urban/Dark Fantasy)
Status: In-progress, well under way
Josey Jackson is what you might call a bounty hunter, or a mercenary, or some worse things if you're feeling lucky. There is a limitless supply of punks, creeps, bozos, freaks, etc..., who need to be put out of their misery or otherwise stopped. The best part is, people will pay for it.
Specializing in Target Retrieval and Removal, demolitions, and supernatural situations, Josey is not  subtle, but very effective. She also happens to be a highly unstable magus.

When she takes a seemingly easy contract to transport a captured member of the elusive magical mafia known as the Crimson Phoenix---better known as the Red Birds---across three states, things don't stay simple for long.  The red bird mafia  will do everything they can to stop her from completing her mission.  What she doesn’t know is that there is a far more elaborate plot in effect and the mafia wants more than her prisoner.  She'll have to survive undead bikers, gunslinging vamps, and other monsters, human and otherwise as she crosses the no-man's-land of the Texas-Arizona border

Berserker [working title] (Urban Fantasy)
Status: Stewing, plotting, waiting
Eric Grendle Wolf is out of the family.  He hasn't seen his twin brother in years and doesn't care to. When a woman is brutally murdered, Erik knows what to look for.  One of his relatives has to be the killer.

Two families survived the berserker purge of 1015. Erik is related to both.  He gets worried when the clues point to his brother, Vigo, as the killer.  Unlike Erik, Vigo is a true berserker.  By the family code, and for personal reasons, Erik is duty bound to stop Vigo before he reveals the family secret to the world---or kills again.

Brand Inspector Mystery [working title] (Mystery, Western)
Status: Stewing, plotting, waiting
I’m Bo Cochran, Brand Inspector. In country where cattle outnumber folks a good ten to one, I keep mighty busy. Anything related to the movement of cattle is my jurisdiction. New Mexico is one of the few--if not the only--states to have a dedicated law enforcement division for cattle-related crimes.

Most of the time, I do the inspecting in the literal sense. If cattle are being moved from one district to another, they have to be permitted and inspected to make sure that all the brands match up with the ranch and the owner. If you try to ship a head of beef with the wrong brand, you’d better have a good story, or else somebody’s gonna bring up the word.

Which word? Why every man working for the Brand Board’s favorite one. Rustler. The life of a Brand Inspector is mostly dusty corrals early in morning, but I always wanted to be a detective and that’s my job when it comes to stolen cattle.

Tough Target II [working title] (Suspense, Adventure, Thriller)
Status; Stewing, plotting, waiting
From her scuffed boots to her sweat-stained hat, Cass Elkins was born into the cattle business.  When she wants a vacation away from the ranch, she packs some extra bullets and hits the road as part of dark ops team known as The Cowboys.

For the first time, the International Taekwon-Do World  Championships are under way and at least one of the participants is a North Korean assassin.

With limited intel and time, Cass must get into the tournament and catch the killer.