Short Stories

Here are some of my short stories. 

Now available as eBooks:

"Gone Green" - What does a blade-wielding, motorcycle-riding, zombie-killing woman want?  Find out in this post-apocalyptic story of college professors, green brains, and sweet, fizzy soda pop!

"Big Iron" - The small, remote, New Mexican town of Paja Rita doesn't get many visitors.  Till one day, a stranger rides into town.  What will he do with the big iron on his hip?

"Tall Handsome Stranger" - The sheriff of a small town must pay for the life that he ruined many years ago.  The past has returned and it will settle for nothing less than blood.  Who will be left standing when the dust settles?

"Bad Blood" -  Z-Day.  The end of civilization. The beginning of an age where humanity is scattered, decimated, and engaged in nothing but survival in the face of the zombie hoards.  In this post-apocalyptic wasteland, at least one family of gunslingers is having fun. 

"Fiery Red Mage" - Josey Jackson is what you might call a bounty hunter, or a mercenary, or some worse things if you're feeling lucky. But she wasn't always in the business. Once, she was just a kid---and then her life got crazy. Old men, young men, and some magical monsters will pit themselves against a young Josey Jackson. The question is, was it a good idea? 

Coming soon:

"Don't Frisk Me, I am the Weapon" - Carmen Wesson is just your average everyday college girl... She gets up, goes to class, and gets kidnapped by Russian slave traders...  It happens.  Business as usual, college girls don't put up much of a fight, right? But is Carmen a tougher target than she appears?
"Shooting Steel and Takin' Names" - Hostages, bad-guys, and a Desert Eagle.  Watch the .44 caliber bullets fly in this story about a nice, relaxing day out with the family.

"Eager Souls" - Revolution is never more than a chance away.  Lord Rahm is determined to protect the current regime at any and all costs from revolt--until he wants it for himself, that is.  

Got Grit - When trouble gets too close to home and the police are stretched too thin to bother with the remote parts of the county, call Baylan McQueen.  He's got grit---for hire.