Monday, September 20, 2010

A Bit of Poetry

The elusive muse of lines that rhyme

The poetic spirit that's hard to find

Made an appearance in this author's mind

And the following poem's what it left behind


Night Blade


A splash of red

     on darkest night

The tear of flesh

 in shadows bright


The sweetest taste

 across the tongue

No fresher breath

 'er through the lung


The thrill of death

 upon the wind

With silver glee 

 keen edges rend


Bright steel reflects

 the savage scene

Black hearts rejoice

 in primal scream


Deadly seconds

 and endless hours

The fruit of life

 the soul devours


A splash of red

 on darkest night

Marks the path of

 blade in the night

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Terrible Trouble With Titles

It is a happy day for a me when I come up with a title.  When "Collaborative Fantasy Project" changes to "Axel and Ajax Novel" and then finally to "Remember the Alamok," there is a rejuvenation. It's almost a new book; a book that you can imagine sitting on a bookstore shelf somewhere.  There's no longer that vague threat hanging in the air over the book; no more lingering doubt as to what you are working on.  When asked, "What are you working on?" I can reply with confidence.  "I'm working on 'Tough Target!'" or "Remember the Alamok." To me, giving a book a title is like stabbing that fluttering concept of a novel with a very solid and sturdy bowie knife! Until I pin it down, my book exists on many planes and I only can see the edges and not all the dimensions of it. It's like quantum uncertainty.  Does it exist or is it only a theory?  If a tree falls and no one hears it? If you don't open the box, is Schrodinger's Cat dead? Is a book without a title, really a book at all?
Having said all this, there apparently aren't enough titles to go around.  Even if you aren't trying to find it, odds are good that another book will cross your path and it will have already used your wonderful title!  Be not discouraged, though.  Just take it as a compliment and write on!